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Aarhus, or Århus, is the second-largest city in Denmark. The principal port of Denmark, it is situated on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland in the geographical center of Denmark.  The city claims the unofficial title "Capital of Jutland". Aarhus is the main and biggest city in the East Jutland metropolitan area (Danish: Byregion Østjylland). which is a co-operation in the eastern Jutland with 17 Municipalities. With more than 1.2 million people living in the area it represents approximately 23% of the population of Denmark and is the second largest metropolitan area after the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

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guest photographer
Guest Photographer feature:
“Discover Aarhus through Hans Nyberg's Eyes.”

"To get an interesting view in every direction  is to me the largest challenge in 360 photography."


Sam RohnHans Nyberg was born and raised in Sweden where he became interested in photography already as a teenager. Before 20 he had won several national photo competitions including 2 bronze plaques in the Swedish Master Competition and as a member of the local photo club winning the Swedish photo club mastership. After his military service he became a UN soldier in the Gaza strip for 2 years first in the field as guard and later as a staff sergeant at the UN Hospital.

Using his savings from the UN service he then traveled around Europe for 6 months after which decided that it now was time to make his dream of being a professional photographer become true. He became assistant to one of Swedens most well known advertising photographers were he stayed for 1 1/2 year.

In 1967 he got a job as photographer at one of the Denmark's largest advertising companies in Aarhus and stayed for 10 years building up their studio. He then started his own studio in his house outside Aarhus and worked for many years with some of the largest super market chains in Denmark. Using a Mac since 1994 for digital photos and being on the internet since 1995 he soon got interested in new medias and in 1999 he started experimenting with interactive panoramas. He was frustrated by the small displays of QTVR which he found on the internet and after many experiments he developed a simple way to present QTVR fullscreen in browser. This led to the start of panoramas.dk in 2001 and the Fullscreen feature which for the first time presented QTVR in a way that attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Within a couple of years panoramas.dk had several million visitors a year and Fullscreen QTVR the Nyberg way had become the standard used by most VR Photographers until the flashpanorama revolution started in 2007 and his original dream of a true edge to edge fullscreen display came true. He has been a pioneer in news panoramas and was in 2004 documenting the Royal Wedding of Crown prince Frederik for the Danish National TV website. Since then he has done several other Royal Events and recently the Royalty invited him to photograph the guests at the 70th Birthday of Queen Marhgrethe of Denmark.

» More about Hans can be found at: www.panoramas.dk and www.360-foto.dk.

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